About Us

Our Dream


      In 1990, a rural community physician had a vision that triggered 7 communities to start working toward a dream. Not willing to take no for an answer, they persevered, they worked against all the odds, and today, they have proven that dreams really do come true as they settle into a brand new multi million dollar sports complex with pride and excitement.


      It took a combined population of 3,700 15 years to raise $100,000. In the following 3 years, another $1,000,000 was added in local fundraising. In the meantime, our unique outdoor hockey program was started with a low registration fee and equipment loan-out service that turned no child away. This outdoor hockey program grew to 13 teams and 150 kids in 3 years and moved into the Tri-County Complex located on the same property which has become home to the Tri-County Rivercats.


      The tri-county people said "the money was secondary to the unification of the people who live in the tri-county areas as a result of working together to make the Tri-County Complex a reality".


      Together, we did what we had to do to get the job done, together we accomplished our goal, and together, we took the hockey program to the next level. With hard work comes a great sense of community spirit and pride. Working uphill with countless unexpected challenges has made us strong. We appreciate the true meaning of 'the power of perseverance'.


      Our committed staff and strong volunteer base recognize we'll be faced with many challenges with this new chapter, but we're excited, and we look forward to jumping every hurdle with even more determination than the last. We knew we had a great story, but what we didn't know was how a series of major events would all unfold to make history in our area and make us more determined than ever to ensure the completion and success of our complex. We have many incredible unsung heroes on our team and a growing legacy that makes it so much more than 'just an arena'.


     We are the perfect example of how communities can work together, achieve their common goal, and be transformed.